The municipality of Heerlen and the Client Council for Disabled People in Heerlen have used the Accessibility Quick Scan to gain insight into the quality of public space for people with disabilities. They have set themselves the goal of making Heerlen more accessible.


Narrow sidewalks, parked bicycles and other objects on the road: these are all obstacles that disabled people encounter on a daily basis. More than 2 million Dutch people with disabilities live in the Netherlands, ranging from visually impaired, blind or deaf to physical, mental or psychological problems. Due to the aging population and the fact that we are living longer, this number will increase further. A liveable, healthy public space must be accessible to everyone. Under the heading 'Unlimited Participation', the cabinet, the municipalities and interest groups have formulated goals for a society without barriers. A society in which everyone can fully participate.


The Accessibility Quick Scan looks, among other things, at the width of the sidewalks and the number of objects on the sidewalk. The characteristics are assessed and weighted by an automatic analysis. Four quality levels were used in the assessment.




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