Are you considering to introduce your Smart City solution in the Netherlands? And do you want to get a kick start? Then join our DRIVE program!


The DRIVE Program is developed by Branch Unlimited in partnership with WeCity and the Regional Development Agency ROM Utrecht Region. We recognise that sustainable mobility is one of the most important aspects of reconciling the ongoing urbanization with the need for more liveable conditions in cities.


Smart and sustainable mobility solutions are therefore of key importance. We need positive and engaging solutions that lead to cleaner transport movements and lower CO2 emissions. Solutions that focus on technology (hardware), data (software) or a combination of those. But that also address, for example, alternative financing models.


Scaling to The Netherlands


The DRIVE program is aimed to support companies in scaling smart mobility solutions in the Netherlands. A thorough understanding of the new market is essential for that. But perhaps even more so, you’ll need to be able to reach out to the right people with a relevant message. If you participate in the DRIVE program, that is exactly what you will get. The program combines in-depth masterclasses, networking and pitching for investors and possible clients, coaching and strategy consulting.


The organisations and people involved all have a major track record in the area of sustainable cities and business development. Thus, the DRIVE program offers unmatched value in terms of content, connections and communications. Tailored for entrepreneurs and companies that have the same drive as we have: to scale relevant solutions, and scale them fast.