WeCity is pleased to announce that it is actively involved in the Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem. This partnership underlines WeCity's commitment to promoting innovation and sustainable urban development in the Netherlands and beyond.

The DMI ecosystem is a dynamic platform aimed at promoting collaboration between public and private parties to develop innovative solutions for urban challenges. It brings together various stakeholders, including companies, government agencies, knowledge institutions and civil society organizations, to work together to create smarter, more resilient and more sustainable cities.

As an active partner in the DMI ecosystem, WeCity will use its expertise and experience to contribute to the development of groundbreaking solutions for urban issues. Through innovative technologies, data analytics and partnerships, WeCity will help create smart and livable urban environments that are fit for the future.

The DMI ecosystem provides a platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging best practices and stimulating innovation in the field of urban development. WeCity looks forward to working with other partners within the ecosystem and jointly developing impactful solutions that contribute to a better and more beautiful world.