There is a major housing challenge for the coming years. Many new homes will be built in urban (re)development areas. This offers an opportunity to realize the ambitions for a healthy and sustainable living environment, as laid down in the new spatial planning act, the Clean Air Agreement, climate plans and local policy objectives.


To provide insight into whether and how the development of a new residential area contributes to the various ambitions for a healthy, sustainable living environment, WeCity offers the Sensor Kit Healthy Urban Living.


The Sensor Kit Healthy Urban Living consists of six smart sensors that measure the quality of the air, soil and water: before, during and after the construction of a new residential area. The results of those measurements are presented in real time in a dashboard. This makes the Sensor Kit an important tool for developing and evaluating policy measures. The rapid implementation and low purchase costs ensure that you can immediately start with measurements without any effort.


The Sensor Kit Healthy Urban Living focuses on local conditions and provides immediately usable data to actively inform residents and to involve them in policy outcomes. This increases support and involvement. It stimulates intensive cooperation between the municipality and residents in realizing a healthy living environment. This environment is a responsibility of all of us.




What does the Healthy Living Environment Sensorkit measure?


Water quality

The sensor measures the temperature and electrical conductivity of the water, and analyzes the mineral and salt content of the water. This gives a good indication of the extent to which the water is polluted.


Air quality

The sensor records particulate matter of different sizes (PM 1.0, PM 2.5 and PM 10), temperature and humidity.


Soil quality

The sensor measures the temperature and moisture content of the soil. A distinction is made according to soil type (soil type).


Get started right away!


The Sensor Kit Healthy Urban Living is a ready-to-use solution that has proven itself in practice. WeCity places the sensors, supplies the dashboard and does the maintenance. The data is stored securely and accessed via open standards. You decide what happens to the data. Fill out the form below if you would like to know more about the Sensor Kit Healthy Urban Living.