In recent years, we have all been able to experience the negative effects of heat and drought due to increasing urbanization. Many organizations are already working on solutions to make new and existing residential areas greener, more sustainable and climate adaptive. The success of these measures stands or falls with the involvement of residents. With Smart Gardens we motivate residents to make their own garden greener.


The aim of Smart Gardens is to make existing and new (private) gardens greener. To achieve this, Pientere Tuinen opts for a coherent approach along three lines. A data-driven approach, in which thousands of soil sensors measure the moisture and temperature of the soil in gardens, provides a lot of information that is used to make residents aware of the need for greening through garden tips and tailor-made information. The data that is collected is made transparent for the participants and used for two research programs. One research program focuses on environmental and health aspects. The other program investigates the factors that promote/impede people's behavior to develop successful intervention strategies.


Smart Gardens is an ambitious three-year participation and research project to inform residents, provide insight with data and activate them to contribute to the greening of their garden. Smart Gardens is a collaboration of, among others, the Steenbreek Foundation, the Future City Foundation, WeCity, RIVM and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. The Smart Gardens project builds on experiences gained in Flanders with the "Curious Noses" project.


The goal is to start Smart Gardens in January 2023. Are you a municipality, project developer, housing corporation, neighborhood initiative or other involved party and interested in Smart Gardens? Please contact us using the form below.