The Netherlands is a real sports country. More than 9.4 million Dutch people play sports every week at one of the 26,000 sports associations in the Netherlands. But sports clubs are under pressure from declining members and volunteers, rising costs and vacant sports accommodations. This is a shame because sport is the perfect way to unite people.


What if there was a solution that would save costs for sports clubs while increasing the quality and capacity of the training sessions? The smart sports mast has been developed for this!


The smart sports mast comprises various functions that all contribute to the ambition of the National Sports Agreement. What does a smart sports mast offer:


  • A sustainable and cost-effective solution for lighting sports fields through the use of LED lighting.
  • Continuous usage analysis of the sports field offers possibilities for more intensive and efficient use of the sports field.
  • Better sports performance through active training support and advice for teams based on AI video analytics
  • Ability to stream local matches to increase involvement of (local) sports
  • Noise monitoring to prevent nuisance for local residents


The smart sports mast can be purchased as a service by associations and municipalities.


  • We advise you on how to optimally use the smart sports mast on your site, which makes your sports field more profitable.
  • We take care of the entire installation and management of the mast, so that you don't have to worry about it
  • No high initial investments are required, we will arrange the financing for you.


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