The growing number of smart objects in public space leads to more frequent disturbances and outages. And a fast increase in reports made by citizens.This includes waste containers that do not work properly, lighting that is broken or public charging stations that do not work.


Research by the Dutch Association of Audit Offices & Audit Committees shows that the number of reports in public space has increased in recent years, with more than 20% in some municipalities. Recurring failures, within a short period of time, make up a large part of the total number of failures. An analysis at various municipalities shows that these recurring reports easily comprise 12% of the total number of reports.


There are financial and social costs for municipalities to process, follow up and repair these issues. While a large part of these recurring issues can be prevented!




What does the outage monitor public space offer?


  • We map the most common malfunctions on the basis of various sources
  • We give you insight into the savings potential of repeat failures
  • We offer you concrete solutions with which you can prevent these repeat failures.


The failure monitor saves money and lowers CO2 emissions

The outage monitor public space not only ensures that you save costs on management and maintenance, it reduces CO2 emissions due to unnecessary extra trips with vans. It provides an integral picture of all assets in public space.


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