Sustainable urbanization requires solutions for the current generation without jeopardizing the opportunities for future generations. It connects ecological, economic and social interests. Innovation, technology, and data are important tools to better understand the challenges and the contribution of individual measures.


Successful solutions require an integrated approach, in which topics such as climate change, urbanization, mobility, use of raw materials and health are considered in conjunction.


For example, climate change manifests itself in cities through increased heat stress, flooding during peak showers and more air pollution. This has an effect on people's health and causes major economic damage. The national Delta Program describes what is needed to achieve a "climate-proof and water-robust design" in the Netherlands. And the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) formulate objectives to maintain a liveable planet in the future.


In a sustainable city, the green infrastructure contributes to strengthening social and economic networks. Planting trees or constructing water features not only reduces heat stress, but also makes the city more attractive for cyclists and pedestrians. Walking has been shown to make people happier and healthier, reduce air pollution and promote people-to-people interactions. Greening contributes to many other objectives and makes the city more liveable and sustainable.


There is also much to be gained in terms of energy requirements. By focusing on sustainable, renewable sources, and by making smarter use of the available infrastructure. A good example is the innovative charging stations of Lomboxnet in Utrecht. These are suitable for storing solar energy in the batteries of electric cars and returning it to the neighbourhood. This makes the car battery part of the energy infrastructure of a neighbourhood.


As WeCity, we help, together with our partners, to achieve the sustainability goals from SDG 11 (Sustainable Development Goal). We do this with solutions that make objectives measurable and progress transparent. By making valuable data sources and partner solutions available in the WeCity catalog. And by stimulating collaboration with all stakeholders involved.


Do you want to make better use of the possibilities in your city? Please contact us. We are happy to help you create a tailor-made approach for your organization.